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I have been practicing in Pune for last 4 years, after spending 5 years in Japan and England where I was fortunate to receive training in the latest techniques in Neurosurgery, including Microscopic Neurosurgery, C.T. and MRI guided Stereotactic Neurosurgery and Neuro Endoscopy which is a major advance in reducing patient morbidity and mortality significantly. Here are a few areas that I have worked for

  1. Purely Endoscopic Neurosurgery
    Ventriculo Cisternostomies are suggested for one third of the instances of Hydrocephalus requiring surgical treatment.
    1. Biopsy of Tumour
    2. Treating Colloid Cyst
    3. Marsupilization of Arachnoid Cyst

  2. Endoscopically Assisted Micro Neurosurgery
    1. Clipping of Aneurysm
    2. For Tumour Surgery
    3. Trans-sphenoidal Pituitary Surgery
    4. Optic Nerve Decompression

  3. Magnetic resonance Angiography
    • MRA is relatively new non invasive technique in which signal from flowing blood is highlighted.
    • M R Angiography (MRA) may be defined as the depiction and characterization of blood vessels and blood flow by magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

  4. Intervention for AVM & Fistulas
    1. CCF / Carotico – Cavernous Fistula
    2. Histacril Glue embolization of AVM
    3. Prior to surgical intervention- Cirsoid Aneurysm, embolization

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The practice of neurosurgery is a demanding profession, requiring tremendous personal and professional commitment. The span of neurosurgical practice encompasses a wide variety of disorders affecting the spine, neck, nerves, cerebrovascular system, and brain.

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Consultant Neurosurgeon
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